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Why Website Translation and Localization should be a Part of Your Global Expansion Strategy?


One of the common mistakes with localized websites is treating the translated text to be a different version of the pages in the original language. Though website translation is important, it is not everything.  Yes, for the user, though, it is all about the website content. As a business seeking new opportunities, your website’s content should be understandable, relevant and in line with the cultural context of the target audience.


Research firm IDC states that customers are highly likely to buy from a company that reaches out to them in their native tongue. Furthermore, your website’s visitors are likely to stay for more time on sites that communicate in their own language.

From a business perspective, when you decide to set up and maintain a multilingual website, you have to think about many more points than just website translation.


Let’s go through a couple of things that you need to think about when localizing and translating your business website.

Pay Attention to the Cultural Context

Before localizing your web content, team up with local agencies to check whether your product or service is in line with the cultural values of the target market, and meets the standards of that market. Hire a consultant or a website translation and localization service to make sure your message will be well received by customers there.


For instance, consider the USA and the European country Poland. Things are a bit more formal in Poland than in USA, where the style of business followed generally is outgoing and relaxed.  This is why some companies in Poland find it difficult to penetrate into the states- because their approach, language and style of business might be considered too rigid for their liking. And, similarly, to Polish people, the US style of doing business might come off as a bit unprofessional at times.


Website Translation

Website translation is more often than not a complex and challenging task to undertake. Businesses need to settle on their markets first, pick the right language, and choose the right version. If you are struggling to get your translation project off the ground, or don’t have the slightest clue about where to start looking, it’s time to hire a website translation service or a localization consultancy firm to plan and guide you right through the entire process.

Experienced translators working for website translation services normally set a high price and offer superior value. Unless you want to set up a long term work arrangement, they might ask you to pay a minimum charge for your work- you’d have to pay the same amount of money for a small proofreading work or touch-up job as you’d for a three-page translation. However, the quality of work delivered and the turnaround time is quite fantastic though- it’s worth it.


In your quest to go global and achieve greater heights, you should not disregard the importance of website localization and translation that can do a world of good to your web metrics such as conversion rates, bounce rates. Better metrics indicate more visitors, higher volume of traffic and more sales. More information about “English to Canadian French Translation” at